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Registred Office Address Services for Foreign Subsidiary Company

Fastlegal Provides Full Support From Incorporation to Managaing your Business 

Why you need Registered Office Address ?

1. Every Indian Company Mandatory Requried to have Registered Office within 15 days form the date of Incororation as par Indian Companies Act, 2013

2. Registered Office Address can be used for Communication Address

3. Required to show Indian Presense 

4. Required for Invocing

5. Faster Processes for Legal Registrations and Filings

6.Grow Your India business without fear of Non Compliance

Fastlegal Registered Office Services 

1.  Get Registered Office along with Incorporation of Company

2. Recieve mailbox

3. Get NOC form Owner as Required under Companies Act, 2013

4. Also Valid for GST and Other Legal Registration

5. Change Anytime, if required 

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