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Resident and Nominee Director Services for Foreign Subsidiary Company

Fastlegal Provides Full Support From Incorporation to Managaing your Business 

Why You Need Resident Director ?

1. Every Indian Company Mandatory Requried to have atleast one Resident Director as par Indian Companies Act, 2013

2. Resident Director Understands Indian business Operations

3. Professionals Directors can be appointed on board with Fixed Remunarations

4. Saving on India visit Expenses

5. Faster Processes for Legal Registrations and Filings

6.Grow Your India business without fear of Non Compliance

Directors Duties and Nominees 

1.  Our Directors are Independent and will follow duties as par Companies Act, 2013

2. Independent Judgement in Shareholders Interest 

3. Holding Board and Shareholding Meeting as par Companies Act, 2013

4. Signing on Legal Documents, as required by law

5. Meetings can be held on Via video conferencing

6. Resolutions can be passed as Circular Resolutions

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